Team Coaching and Consulting

Deliver Better Data Science Project Outcomes

Focused Coaching & Consulting to Advance your Team

Data Science projects often face unforeseeable challenges. Left unchecked these can easily lead to project failure. We identify the key priorities and guide teams to deliver value faster.

Examples of How DSPA can Help:

Agile Transformation

By working with DSPA, your team will become an industry leading agile data science team that deeply understands their customers, pivots rapidly to changing demands, and deploys useful models and insights.

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Drive Improvement via a Process Audit and Action Plan

Quickly improve project outcomes by benchmarking your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and then we will help you identify “low hanging fruit” for quick wins as well as jointly developing a longer term strategy for improving your team’s process.

Private Group Training and Certification

Gain DPSA training and discuss with team members how to best integrate each of the concepts within your organization.

Project / Team Launch

Research shows that up to 60% of a team’s success can be predicted before the team launches, which is a clear indication that high performing teams don’t just happen, they are created from the ground up. Gain confidence that your team is set up for success and prepared to deliver results.

Together, we’ll define a repeatable process that reduces project risk, improves team productivity and increases client satisfaction.  

Why Improve your Process?

By applying data science-specific project management approaches that are backed by practice and research, you will more effectively convert data science investments into sustainable value.

Deliver Better Insights Faster:
Build an agile culture of rapid delivery focusing on the most promising insights.

Drive Efficiency:
Repeatable processes improve team efficiency.

Avoid Pitfalls:
Identify and address common data science project challenges.

Be Data Science Focused:
Implement processes that work best for data science projects.

Enhance Collaboration:
Improve stakeholder engagement and help scale projects across teams.

Build Happier Teams:
Boost morale through better processes. Your team will thank you.

Why Work with DSPA?

We are only focused on data science teams (such as AI, ML, analytical focused projects). We understand data science and how to achieve agility within a data science context.  

We’ve helped large and small organizations achieve better project outcomes by providing insight into effective data science team process via skills training, organizational guidance, and change management expertise.

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