data driven scrum

Data Driven Scrum

Data Driven Scrum Data Driven Scrum™ (DDS) is an agile framework specifically designed for data science teams. In short, DDS aims to improve a data science team’s collaboration and communication. The Data Science Process Alliance created Data Driven Scrum to address the fact that other well-known agile approaches (such as […]

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Agile Gazelle

Is Agile a Fit for Data Science?

As explained in the previous post, much of the debate on agile’s potential fit for data science focuses on the use of a specific framework (such as Scrum), and the associated processes and artifacts such as story pointing, burn down charts, or sprint lengths. Unfortunately, this drowns the argument into […]

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Kanban Board


Kanban for Data Science Kanban, which literally means billboard in Japanese, started as a supply chain and inventory control system for Toyota manufacturing in the 1940s to minimize work in progress and to match the supply of automotive parts with demand. Kanban is simple and at its core focuses on […]

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Scrum Framework

Scrum for Data Science

Scrum for Data Science Given Scrum’s popularity with software teams, it’s no surprise that many organizations are turning to Scrum for data science product development. But, Does Scrum work for Data Science? Well…results vary. So we’ll start by defining Scrum, then identify Scrum’s use in data science, evaluate its pros […]

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