Agile Data Science With Data Driven Scrum

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Data Driven Scrum

The Need for a New Agile Framework When teams try to use an agile framework for data science, they often try to use Scrum, Kanban. Below I review the key challenges teams have in leveraging these frameworks have challenges. I also briefly explore a TDSP, which is newer framework already discussed on this web site. […]

Scrum and Data Science

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managing data science with scrum

Scrum is an agile collaboration framework that can help teams increase the agility of their data science projects. Co-founded by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber in the 1990s, Scrum has become the most commonly used agile approach with over 12 million practitioners ( Although heavily adopted in software, Scrum is also used across a wide variety […]

Agile Data Science

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data driven scrum

Do you think data science should be agile? When framing agility in the context of delivering usable insights frequently, iterating on these insights, and validating the outcomes, I think all of us would say “yes”. Yet, how do we achieve this? Even more basic, what does agile data science even mean? The article covers these […]