Data Driven Agile With Data Driven Scrum

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Data Driven Scrum

When teams try to have a data driven agile approach, they often try to use an existing framework, such as Scrum or Kanban. Yet, there are key challenges teams have in leveraging these frameworks. Therefore, the Data Science Process Alliance created an alternative framework called Data Driven Scrum which is designed with data science in […]

Scrum for Data Science

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managing data science with scrum

Scrum for Data Science Given Scrum’s popularity with software teams, it’s no surprise that many organizations are turning to Scrum for data science product development. But, Does Scrum work for Data Science? Well…results vary. So we’ll start by defining Scrum, then identify Scrum’s use in data science, evaluate its pros and cons, and finally dive […]

Agile Data Science

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data driven scrum

Agile Data Science Do you think data science should be agile? When framing agility in the context of delivering usable insights frequently, iterating on these insights, and validating the outcomes, I think all of us would say “yes”. Yet, how do we achieve this? Even more basic, what does agile data science even mean? Agile […]