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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I get certified through the Data Science Process Alliance?

    Because we only focus on one and only one topic, which is beyond the true expertise of other training services and consultancies. Namely, we research and apply agile data science project management practices to educate others to effectively deliver data science project outcomes. Sure, we’re biased in stating this, but if you want to learn how to better manage data science projects, we’re the best option.

  • What happens in the mentor sessions?

    For the Team Lead and Advanced Team Lead courses, we have 1-on-1 mentoring. Private group classes have live instructor-led class sessions. It’s your time. We’ll flex to make it valuable for you. Some students enjoy having the Mentors answer specific questions from the content covered in that module. Others discuss relevant curated readings, and yet others prefer to use the time for individual consulting on how to apply the knowledge gained for their specific use cases.

  • Can I train with my team?

    Yes. For our DS-TL and DS-ATL courses, we offer private group classes. Contact us or visit the group courses page to learn more. Discounts are available and scale with the classroom size.

  • When do courses start?

    Any time! You’ll have access to on-demand course content immediately after registration. DSTL, DSTL+, and Group students — we’ll contact you to set up the first session. We can generally start the next week or wait until you’re ready.

  • Which course should I take?

    See the Course Comparison Table.


    • Team Lead Foundations — Lowest tier. Best if you’re budget-constrained, those looking for self-learning only, or organizations looking to offer licensed materials to large teams.
    • Team Lead — Middle tier. Best if you’re looking for just customized mentoring on how team processes could be used.
    • Team Lead Plus — Top tier. Best for implementing a process for a team.
  • How long do the courses take?
    • Team Lead Foundations is self-paced. Some students finish in one week, others finish in three months. Most students invest 8 – 20 hours in the course.
    • Team Lead is designed as a 4-week course. Generally, the student takes one module per week and finishes each week with their one-on-one session but some students have taken the course as an accelerated 2-week course. Most students invest 10 – 24 hours in the course.
    • Team Lead Plus is designed as an 8-week course. Generally, the student takes one module per week and finishes each week with their one-on-one session (but just as with the TL course, this can be adjusted). Most students invest 14 – 32 hours in the course.
  • Can I get an invoice?

    Yes. Either before or after registration, just contact us with any specific information you need on the invoice.

  • How long do I have access to the course and certification?

    Forever! There are no renewal fees or renewal credits. We refresh the course content once or twice per year. You’ll have access to the updated content.