Bridging the Worlds of Data Science and Project Management

It is ironic that data science, a field built upon rigorous scientific methodologies, has yet to adopt much rigor from project management approaches. The website’s mission to help change that.

While most project management guides are framed from the lenses of other industries like software engineering, this site reviews leading project management approaches and evaluates them from a data science perspective. With an understanding of a wide set of approaches, data science teams can select the approach that fits for them. This approach probably will not be a pure application of an existing approach but rather a combination of:

  • Agile: employ rapid iterations and customer feedback to learn about customer needs as quickly as possible
  • Data Science Processes: do not force the data science process into something that it is not but rather accommodate data science, including its exploratory nature and the need to build a deep understanding of data through iterations
  • Team Coordination: empower team members to contribute their individual efforts in coordination with others

Armed with an appreciation of the need for project management, a broad understanding of project management approaches, lessons from other companies, and motivation to continue exploring data science project management, you will more effectively convert data science investments into value with an approach the fits your needs.