Project / Team Launch

Deliver Better Data Science Project Outcomes

Partner with DSPA to Launch your Project and Maximize it’s Value

Gain confidence that your team is set up for success and prepared to maximize project value while minimizing project effort.

Whether you’re looking to launch a proof-of-concept, expand a pilot, or boost the success of an existing team, our industry-leading approach will ensure that your data science team has the training, shared vision, and capabilities necessary to succeed. 

With focused, customized guidance, your teams leave our program delivering value and ready to continually improve.

Together, we’ll define a repeatable process that reduces project risk, improves team productivity and increases client satisfaction.  

Work with DSPA to Improve:
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Client expectation management
  • Coordination with other teams
  • Working on the highest priority tasks

We are the only firm exclusively focused on improving data science processes.

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Why Improve Your Team’s Process?

Being Agile is simple to understand, but difficult to effectively implement within a data science context. DSPA has found that teams supported through these initial steps develop better internal practices that allow them to accelerate faster than unsupported teams (or teams with a more ad-hoc process).

By the end of our team / project forming sessions, your team will have an initial backlog of “questions to answer” that are sufficiently defined and aligned with business priorities, which then can be used to guide the team’s ongoing work.

By applying data science-specific agile project management approaches that are backed by practice and research, you will more effectively convert data science investments into sustainable value.

Our Approach:

Our four phase flexible approach allows for customized transformations which are rolled out at a sustainable pace.

1. Discovery and Kickoff

  • Assess and understand your organization’s context and specific challenges
  • Work with stakeholders to discover and address organizational goals and challenges
  • Create an action plan with leadership to address the challenges and capitalize on opportunities

2. Team Process Training and Coaching

  • Define a process that works within your organizational context
  • Design a custom transformation plan with immediately actionable steps
  • Coach / train the team to achieve the transformation

3. Launch/Execute Your Project(s)

  • Create a coherent, actionable backlog that ensures the entire organization is aligned around a shared vision
  • Embed a coach within the project to help ensure the team is high-performing

4. Build Team Sustainability

  • Provide additional follow-up as needed to continue to build business agility

Why Work with DSPA?

We are only focused on data science teams (such as AI, ML, analytical focused projects). We understand data science and how to achieve agility within a data science context.  

We’ve helped large and small organizations achieve agility by providing leadership the awareness, skills training, organizational guidance, and change management expertise.

While using an Agile process makes sense in theory, many data science teams struggle to achieve agility. This is often because they try to use an Agile framework that does not specifically address the unique challenges teams encounter when executing data science projects (such as task duration being difficult to estimate).

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