Get Training at the Data Science Process Alliance

Get Training at the Data Science Process Alliance

Deliver Data Science Outcomes.

Data science projects are unique.
It's time to start managing them as such.

Managing Data Science Projects

Confidently Lead Data Science Projects

Earn the DSPA Team Lead Certification

The Data Science Team Lead (DSTL) course provides in-depth, comprehensive, and actionable training to empower you to confidently lead data science projects.

You will take deep dive into coordination frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, Data Driven Scrum) and into life cycle frameworks like CRISP-DM.

The course includes access to our community, the DSPA membership, four live seminars, the DSTL exam, and the certification.


“I am highly recommending the seminar to others. I know businesses have been struggling for years with finding effective workflows and frameworks for data science projects."

Daniel S.

"This course is very unique and very useful - I haven't seen any other similar certifications. I thought that the exercises were really enjoyable to do and they drove the main point of the discussion home."

Angie G.

"I learnt a lot about the various styles of data science project management ... The best part of the course was the live breakout sessions and in-class games."

Greg G.

DSPA Community

    • Connects you directly with your peers

    • Engage with Data Science Process Experts

    • Review / ask questions on instructional materials

    • Discuss trends, blogs and other emerging items

    • Enables access to exclusive events

    • Provides a library of curated data science project management related resources (white papers, videos, etc)

    Curious to learn more?

    Get a jumpstart into better data science project management. Learn:

      • The top 5 challenges in data science project management

      • The consequences and key indicators of an ineffective project management process

      • Definitions of data science workflows and collaboration frameworks

      • Descriptions of how to use CRISP-DM, Scrum, and Data Driven Scrum to deliver data science projects

      About the Data Science Process Alliance

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