data analyst vs data scientist

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist

As organizations continue to expand their data analysis competencies, the data science function is becoming more of a team sport with numerous team roles within the data science group. Of all these roles, the difference between the data analyst and data scientist role is perhaps the most confusing. Indeed, the […]

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leading data science teams

How to Lead Data Science Teams

It’s an understatement that great leadership is challenging and rare. And leading data science teams has unique challenges: Stakeholders might get disillusioned by your team’s inability to deliver magic The battle to recruit and retain data science talent is fierce Data science’s ethical dilemmas are particularly perplexing There is not […]

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Centralized vs Decentralized Teams

Data Science Team Structure

Should you have a centralized data science team or several decentralized teams? There are numerous options for a data science team structure in mid- to large-sized organizations. Yet, many organizations struggle to decide among having: A single centralized data science team (also known as “data science center of excellence” or […]

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