10 Ways to Manage a Data Science Project – Part IV: Emerging Approaches

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So are there new emerging approaches that are data science native? Microsoft’s Team Data Science Process (TDSP), Domino Data Lab’s Data Science Life Cycle, and the Data Science Process Alliance’s Data Driven Scrum (DDS) are approaches that are both data science native and agile. There are pros and cons specific to each approach but they share some fundamental principles.

Domino Data Science Lifecycle

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domino data science life cycle

What is a Data Science Lifecycle? A data science life cycle defines the phases (or steps) in a data science project. Using a well-defined data science life cycle is useful in that it provides a common vocabulary (and shared mental model) of the work to be done to do a data science project. Commonly Used […]

Emerging Approaches

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Given the lack of established data science-specific project management methodologies, organizations have started to formalize their own data science project management approaches that typically apply agile concepts onto CRISP-DM. Like open source data science projects and algorithms, efforts to publish data science project management approaches will help the data science field mature and benefit the […]

Team Data Science Process (TDSP)

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microsoft team data science process (TDSP)

What is TDSP? If you combine Scrum and CRISP-DM, you would get something that looks like Microsoft’s Team Data Science Process. Launched in 2016, TDSP is “an agile, iterative data science methodology to deliver predictive analytics solutions and intelligent applications efficiently.” (Microsoft, 2020 ). Microsoft explains that “TDSP helps improve team collaboration and learning. It contains […]