What is Agile Business Intelligence?

Agile Business Intelligence Project Management Best Practices Data by itself is often useless. However, by transforming the data into human understandable insights, organizations can harness the power of data to make meaningful decisions that drive outcomes. But making this happen is easier said than done. And traditional BI approaches often […]

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data driven scrum

Data Driven Scrum

Data Driven Scrum Data Driven Scrum™ (DDS) is an agile framework specifically designed for data science teams. In short, DDS aims to improve a data science team’s collaboration and communication. The Data Science Process Alliance created Data Driven Scrum to address the fact that other well-known agile approaches (such as […]

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Data science life cycle per Domino Data Labs

10 Ways to Manage a Data Science Project – Part IV: Emerging Approaches

So are there new emerging approaches that are data science native? Microsoft’s Team Data Science Process (TDSP), Domino Data Lab’s Data Science Life Cycle, and the Data Science Process Alliance’s Data Driven Scrum (DDS) are approaches that are both data science native and agile. There are pros and cons specific to each approach but they share some fundamental principles.

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