Managing Data Science Teams

How to manage data science projects and lead a data science team

This is possibly the only site dedicated to data science and analytics project management.

It explores a range of topics like the data science project cycle and workflow frameworks, what is agile data science, and how to lead a machine learning team.

So on your journey to delivering data science outcomes, explore data science project management approaches, dive into specific topics in the blog, and get certified through the Data Science Process Alliance.

Lead Data Science Teams and Processes

Explore Methodologies

Like most issues in data science itself, there is no straight-forward solution to managing projects. But here’s a starting set of frameworks you could use.

Training and Certification

Given the requests that we’ve had for training, we’ve launched the Data Science Process Alliance.

Data Science Process Alliance

Combining data science process research with industry-leading agile training, the Data Science Process Alliance is the leading data science process membership, training and certification organization.

Download the course brochure or explore the Team Lead training, which empowers you to confidently lead data science projects.