Data Science Project Management

Managing Data Science Teams

How do you effectively manage data science projects? 

Like most issues in data science itself, there is no straight-forward solution to managing projects. However, by arming yourself with a broader understanding of data science life cycles, as well as project management approaches that can be applied to data science teams, you’re more likely to find or develop a methodology that works. 

This is possibly the only site dedicated to data science project management. For example, it explores what is agile data science and how you could lead a data science team via an agile data science approach?

So learn why data science needs to evolve its own project management approaches, explore methodologies in the data science project management guide, and dive into specific topics in the blog.

Explore Methodologies

Training and Certification

Given the requests that we’ve had for training, we’ve launched the Data Science Process Alliance

Data Science Process Alliance

Combining data science process research with industry-leading agile training, the Data Science Process Alliance is the leading data science process membership, training and certification organization.

Download their course brochure or explore their Team Lead training, which empowers you to confidently lead data science projects.